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Stead Family Child Care

Daily Schedule

7:30 Arrival (continues till 9:00 am)  Sign in & Good byes  Free quiet indoor play (toys).
8:15 Breakfast - all eat together
8:45 Clean-up Toileting & Hand washing
9:00 Inside free play Preschool for older children. Diaper Check, Dramatic play, art projects, toys, puzzles, books, painting, coloring, lacing, playdoh, stickers, scissors, manipulative play, blocks
9:45 Clean-up Children clean-up own working spaces
10:00 Group time Diaper Check
10:15 Outside playtime Push toys, riding toys, sliding, running, sandbox, bubbles, shaving cream, teeter-tooter, water play, ball play, dancing, rhythm instruments, bird seed, shaker bottles
11:00 Outside clean-up
11:00 Diapering, shoes off, hand washing
11:15 Quite indoor play, waiting for lunch
11:30 Lunch
11:55 Clean-up, washing hands, toileting
12:30 Naptime
2:30 Waking up, putting mats away
3:00 Diapering
3:15 Snack time
3:45 Group Time (Songs & Stories)
4:00 to 5:15 Outside Free Play





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